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I'm thinkin' about my doorbell...

HONQ! it's a doorbell

Clarified | Ding-dong (ditch) friends to come in, response is coming...

HONQ with facebook friends

Privacy | No strangers allowed, only possible between facebook friends!

HONQ and response

Unique | Ring a door bell and get response, even when not at home...

SRS short response service

Short | Use preset expressions for short response and chit chat...

SRS thumbs up!

Save energy | One toutch communication and still being clearly...

SRS give your shorts!

Fun | anticipatory pleasure and simply enjoyable communication...


HONQ is a personal doorbell and gives acces to personal doorbells of your (facebook) friends! Always having your doorbell with you, even when not at home. Got a rang? Answer simply with SRS, HONQ's short response service. One thumb use only!

  • Only for facebook friends, no stalking from strangers
  • Let people know you're late or them to hurry up
  • Always know who is or was in front of your door
  • Play with SRS for anticipatory pleasure & enjoyable communication

It's Awesome

Knowing is half the Battle

Look through solid doors, made possible by HONQ! Now you know who's before your door. At home, in the pub, at work, in the library or in a car, simply use SRS to express your answer!

Every day great deals

For HONQ users specific special offers every day! Let know you're from HONQ and get rewarded!

Creative opportunities

Simply alter your settings, for example your doorbell sound or the way you promote your doorbell. How do you look like through the keyhole? Enough SRS expressions added?


Peeping Tom...

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